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Bio – Larry Lehr, Ph. D.

  • Baylor University Professor in Environmental Science since 1990
  • BBA from Texas Tech University, MS from Baylor University and PhD from Texas A&M University
  • Founder of EQMA
  • Recepient of numerous awards for research into waste to energy technologies
  • Holder of a Patent for convert CAFO manure into Ethanol
  • Noted Lecturer regarding environmental  and renewable energy as well as watershed issue


Bio – Jeffrey A Worley, CPA

  • Founder and CFO of Columbia Consulting Group, PLLC and Columbia Organic Group.
  • Served as CFO for various private industry companies over the past 20 years including, Bio Tek Organic Recycling, Inc. and Texas Microbial Applications, Inc.
  • BBA from the University of Iowa, and received Certified Public Accountant designation
  • Business focus has been on the commercialization of converting  CAFO and municipal waste streams into financially viable “boutique ethanol plants”.